A Mission Statement....?

Hello there gang,

Just wanted to throw this out there. I, first and foremost, consider myself a songwriter, then secondly a music producer. And then lastly a singer. These 3 things are my hobby. I absolutely love writing and producing. But I also understand that not everything I write is for my voice. But that doesn't stop me from singing it. Sure it would be great if Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, or whoever, would sing my songs. But I'm a realist and understand that the chance of that happening is slim to none. But I still sing it cause, well.... it's fun. And to also make sure the song gets out there for people to hear. Put my name and song out there and maybe, just maybe, another artist will call me up and say, "Hey Aaron. I like your writing. Why don't we write together?" That's the whole goal... writing. Making music. Having fun. Sure, my voice might not be perfect for every song. But song writing is fun. It's telling a story. And on top of that, being in the studio and gaining new friends. I've always said that if you don't like a song, stick around, cause I'll be releasing another one in a couple months. So hey.... if you don't like a song... or my voice on the song... or a particular sound in the music... stick around. Cause I'll be releasing another song in a couple months.

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