An inside look at writing: "Amazin Grace"

There's a combination of things that transpired in order to get this song going. It involved walking in the grass barefoot, a rock song idea and a date with a Russian woman.

I spent one afternoon in the backyard of my then Burbank, CA home, just pacing in the grass barefoot. My guitar strapped around my neck, strumming random chords hoping that something would pop out to me. It was a clear and beautiful 4th of July weekend. I couldn't have been happier. Just as I was starting to cut a path in the grass from walking in the same circle for an hour, this chord progression started to emerge itself from my guitar. It was rockin. Had a great humming melody going in my head. But no real lyric substance to it. Well that's how the song structure was birthed for "Amazin Grace". But the lyrics are a whole other story.

It wasn't until I accepted a date with a woman off of a popular dating site that I got inspiration for the song. While ironing out the details with her, she decided it would be best that I pick her up at her home. I thought that was odd, as this was the first time meeting. But that was just the beginning. I gave her a call before the date and her thick, Russian accent just poured out the phone. Thus the line in the song, "She was a tanned up hottie who kept talkin kinda funny but her drawl kept drawing me in." Now, don't get me wrong. I understand "Drawl" is a southern reference, but that's where the inspiration came from. So anyways, I picked her up, and no more than 2 minutes down the road did she say, "I'm gonna drive you out to the desert and cut you up into little pieces." ..... Not lying. Needless to say I lived. And had one of the most interesting dates in my life. But if you read between the lines of the lyrics, you may pick up a different version of the song...

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