Releasing "A Christmas Song" Thanksgiving weekend

This is just a timeless classic. One of those songs that you hear and it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. So when I decided I was going to cover a Christmas song, there was no doubt about which one I was going to cover. When this song was penned in 1945, it was a sizzling hot summer day. And all the writers wanted to do was think cold thoughts to cool off. They dug into the song and said that 40 minutes later, "Merry Christmas to You" was written. Going from many different titles as you may also know it as "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire". It was first recorded by Nat King Cole in 1946. And has stood the test of time. So with my rendition, I imagined a relaxed feel. Something that you would want to play in the background as you and your loved ones are opening presents. It's subtle, peaceful, softness to it, hopefully will bring you joy this Christmas. Can't wait or you to hear it. -Aaron

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