Singer/Songwriter, Studio Musician and CoWriter Andrew Marks.

This here is the very talented Andrew Marks. I met Andrew through a mutual friend in Los Angeles. Andrew had just transplanted himself to L.A. via N.Y. state. Andrew's been singing, playing guitar, drums, piano and anything he could get his hands on for a very long time. And turns out, he's darn good at all of it. So being that Andrew was a great songwriter and player, I invited him to hang out in the studio while I was laying a new track down. Well, it didn't take long for him to lay something down onto a couple of my tracks. He's been a great friend in the studio and out. As you can see from the picture, Andrew just couldn't come hang out on set of my music video. He had to be doing something. Turns out, he had just bought a new camera and wanted to try it out. Have you seen the pic of me, the car and the actress? Yep, that's Andrew, havin a little fun. You should go check out his music at He is an amazing singer/songwriter. Go check him out now!

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