Thank you...and Taylor Swift on Apple

The music business is ruthless. Plain and simple. The pay is horrible on all accounts. Yet if it wasn't for artists, the world would be very, very stale. Thus why artists do what they do. It's for the love and passion. So mainly, starting out, it's not for the money. It's just in our gut to do it. That's why when I saw a well known artist standing up for the little guy, like me, I was waving my very small flag in victory. (Although if I was a well known artist, I'd want all my spins to be paid for as well... just saying) Let me break this down for you from a songwriters perspective. I pay for musicians, recording studio time, travel and accommodations. I'll just tell you that for my next LA recording trip, it will cost around $4,000. Through working my connections, asking favors and just straight out having to pay full blown retail on some things, that's what it will cost for a total of (if all goes to plan) 5 professionally, recorded, mixed and mastered songs. Yes, I could record in Denver or even my house at a lower quality on all accounts, but that's for another blog post discussion on investment vs. quality vs. available opportunities. I don't make nearly enough from live shows or online sales to not only recoup the recording production, but also for professional pictures, videos, live sound equipment, marketing, etc. Essentially this is my hobby. I do get a little of a return, but it's mostly the satisfaction of someone saying they loved the show or that someone's kid sings along with a song all the time. Ya, it would be great if 100% of my hobby would have a 100% monetary ROI... but that's just not going to happen. I'm just lucky that I get SOME sort of coinage for my hobby. But I just would appreciate that .70 cents from a single sale on Apple any chance I can get it. (And god only knows it's probably less than that through their streaming service) But at least it's something! Anyways, in the mean time I'll continue to collect from the tip jar, record videos from my kitchen, make music for fun and wave my tiny ol flag for artists that promote the smaller guy like me. And lastly, I want to say thank you to YOU for supporting smaller artists in any capacity. Whether it's buying something, showing up to a show, or just a simple sharing of a post. You're the reason why we do what we do. All of us appreciate it. I know I do. -Aaron

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