The Fiddle Extraordinaire - Leah Zeger

As I was laying tracks down, guitar, bass, drums etc. I was talking with Patrick, my engineer, and I said to him, "Man, wouldn't it be great if we had a fiddle player!?" That's when Patrick turned to me, smiled and said, "Hold that thought." He picked up his phone and started texting away. Later that day Leah walks into the studio and lit the studio on FIRE! My god Leah's skills are ridiculous good! After talking a little bit about the track with her, I pretty much told her, "I'd like you to play fiddle here, here and here in the song. It's up to you as to what you want to play." Well, we might as well have just left the doors open cause as soon as she stepped into the recording booth, she blew the doors of the hinges. Leah is a fantastic musician and artist. She has a heart of gold and a voice that would make a songbird jealous. I'm extremely fortunate to have Leah in my circle. Check out her music! You'd be amazed at the work she has done and I know you'll enjoy her songs and voice!

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