The Legend, The Myth, The Engineer, The CoProducer: Patrick Burkholder

This is Patrick. I met him about a year and a half ago while living in L.A. At the time, I was just writing songs and thinking about recording them. Problem was, I needed a studio first. So I called a ton of studios, all over my budget of course, until I came upon Pawnshop Studio in Van Nuys, CA. My first thought was to just cut my songs acoustically and be done. But where's the fun in that? After many nights in the studio, flights back to L.A., texts, emails, phone calls, smoke signals and revisions, we ended up with some pretty great tracks. And to add to that, I gained a true friend in the process. If it wasn't for Patrick and his audio wizardry, none of this would be possible. Check out or on Facebook at Pawnshop Studio.

It's all about the journey my friends, who you bringin on yours? Cause I'm bringin this guy!

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    Honored.... Thanks Brother!

    Honored.... Thanks Brother!

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