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Noah Baas has been a long time friend of mine and grew up with me in Iowa. Well I was chatting with him the other day about his latest artistic ventures, which of course lead us to discussing about all the trouble our gang would get into at a place that we called "the pasture" growing up. Everyone has a place that they hung out at, well this was ours. Surrounded by fields on either side in a bowl. It was perfect for a bunch of high schoolers to let go and go through the life lessons. I told Noah it would be great to see that place again. And so, 2 weeks later, this showed up. It's exactly as I remember it. But I just can't keep it for myself.... I'm all about sharing my experiences and life with you guys. So here's your chance to own a little slice of heaven. I know what you're thinkin, "Is this heaven? Nope. It's Iowa." Can't wait for someone to enjoy this as much as I do. -Aaron

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